Wheel Rake For Grass Collection

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Wheel Rake For Collecting

Totan machine made by Grass Collection Rake, mow the dissemination of the products, the lower - to the top and re-collected (mass or barrel) is actually used is the type of agricultural equipment. Tools, 4-wheel finger tip consists of a pointed star. Stars wheel rake, made from spring steel and formed by bending the ends of flexible fingers in the center of a circle passing through the bolts for binding occurred on a disk. Each wheel has 40 pieces of flexible fingers. Raked the tip of your fingers and make the task has been left open. So that the diffusion of products, lower - upper and reconvened to be carried out very regularly. (Wheel of one another's business breadth complementary way, but axis differently positioned front to back gradually as the battery chassis bağlanmısştır. The main roof of the three-point suspension system and two batteries are available. A battery of two star-wheel is connected. Wheels with each other relative to work. Wheel chassis and the main stem connection to the desired shape suitable for the purpose of replacing the grass during a single collection, collection of grass and weeds spreading in two rows, or move any situation can be obtained from office.

Assembling Machine

a-Grass tırmıgı collection, three points are connected to a tractor with hydraulic link-layer. First, the b-sub connection with hydraulic height adjusting arms are inserted. c-arm is attached then the top link.

Moving and Transport Issues to be Considered During

a- Machine during installation should be protected against friction and impact. b-Transport tool rakes loaded during the transportation necessary to protect against impact and friction materials should be used to identify and fix.

During the use of Safety Rules

a- Making process of adjustment and lubrication traktorü necessarily stop. b- Runtime machine with no moving parts, make sure the next one. c- Camera is mounted to a tractor when the tractor front weight in check and balance traktorün for care. d- Floor in the machine farm tractors and machinery are downloading make sure that there is nobody between. e- Machine, until the field approached the ground, download and carefully turn the circle. f- Field ground before the machine started to be Downloaded. g- Setting and action on the machine must stop the tractor before. h-ring on the wire and complete the connection somunlarmı Make sure the check and completed diminishing olanlan tighten loose. Always leave the machine in case i move.