Winged Mower and Grass Mower

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T.M.T Winged Mower


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T.M.T Single Blade Grass Mower

The frequency of tractors mile is about 540 I/min. Working capacity 9-12 fregway/h.Cutting height adjust nearly 3-5 cm.In suitable candition of moving is giving positive result if the speed about 10 km/h

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T.M.T Two Drum Rotary Mower

It is blade operated machine with an attachment to the rear spindle of a tractor. It has 3-4 times the power of it competitors. The cutting blades are mounted on drums that turn in each others opposite direction and the cutting heigth can be adjusted. The spaces between the drum and ability of the bottom parts to operate neutrally gives to ability to cut wet or flattened straw without waste ewen with small powered tractors easily.